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A Development Centre is the first stage of the Player Pathway and is open to anyone from age 11 wishing to develop their hockey. Players take part in a range of training sessions or camp-based activities to develop their skills and begin to stretch them beyond school and club hockey.

In Leicestershire we run our initial Development Centres as camps in early September. Players are then selected for the Academy Centre, or can continue to train at a Developemnt Centre where their progress is continually reviewed.


Year groups for the Player Pathway are based on  your school year.

Birth of Year  2020/2021 2021/2022
 2004 Under 17   
 2005 Under 16  Under 17 
 2006 Under 15  Under 16 
 2007 Under 14  Under 15 
 2008 Under 13  Under 14 
 2009   Under 13